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Hunting and trophy museum

In the main building's top stew, where the girls' rooms were once, they now form chromed timber constructions from Christians 4th's time for a very special experience.​Børge Hinsch (1915-1995), whose hunting trophies and ethnographics represent most of the collection at the Hunting and Trophy Museum, enjoyed a great interest in nature, culture and wildlife hunts, and embodied the most incredible objects from almost all continents in their 80 years of life. Besides the many exciting and beautiful hunting trophies, it is a very special experience to go around and look at the many different cultural objects there, with the power of imagination, giving a small but good picture of the everyday life and life of innumerable strangers. Today's technology gives us the opportunity, on a DVD screen in the exhibitions, to see and hear Børge Hinsch's personal account of many of his tours he has been through. It only makes the experience around the museum even bigger when you are happy to nod to recognizing the animals mentioned and many things. The Børge Hinsch Foundation has about 800 m2 large and very impressive roof room at the castle created an absolutely unique exhibition of hunting trophies and ethnographics, which are not found nicer anywhere in northern Europe. ​Børge Hinsch also helped to set up the Nordic Safari Club in 1972, and today we are delighted as the club's members continue to actively back up and contribute to maintaining and expanding the fantastic trophy collection.​

Børge Hinsch Foundation

Børge Hinsch Foundation Museum in the roof region of the main building at Valdemars Castle holds Northern Europe's largest and most beautiful publicly available collection of stuffed international hunting trophies. ​

The museum displays more than 230 different species of wild game from around the world. In addition, a truly unique collection of incredibly rare ethnographics from Greenland, Africa and Southeast Asia is featured in addition to a huge collection of beautifully stuffed Danish birds containing almost all bird species that occur in Denmark as breeding birds or in a row. ​Finally, a unique collection of oil paintings, watercolors and ceramic figures is made by the well-known Danish nature artist Knud Kyhn. It is the artist's own private collection, which is shown.

According to the Fund, the museum and museum collections must be included in general information and education in hunting and nature while helping to maintain and promote sustainable hunting and trophy hunting as well as create a better understanding of the environment for the importance of sustainable hunting and trophy hunting as being a lot Essential element in good game and nature management. 

In order to participate in general information and education in the field of nature, hunting and trophy hunting, the Børge Hinsch Foundation established in spring 2006 its own natural school at Valdemars Castle in connection with museum facilities.

Since 2006, the Børge Hinsch Fund's Naturskole at Valdemars Castle has, in a unique way free of charge the provision of nature-sharing events at and around Valdemars Castle. In order to do so, the Børge Hinsch Foundation has full-time employee Claus Olesen as nature counselor for the natural school. Claus Olesen is a trained nature counselor. Thus, the Børge Hinsch Foundation offers free nature-sharing events all year round. The fund is responsible for all costs associated with Claus Olesen's work as a natural counselor for the fund.

​This has created the possibility that school classes, recreational schemes, scouts, family groups and others interested in a very limited entrance fee to Valdemars Castle at only DKK 10 per person. Person (regardless of age) can get an interesting, modern and very instructive introduction, enlightenment and teaching in nature, hunting and trophy hunting on a professional basis and at a very high level of professional level. The Børge Hinsch Foundation's Natural Sciences also provides information on the cultural landscape of the Manor House, Valdemars Castle, in a broader perspective.


Reference is made to the Børge Hinsch Foundation's own website at www.borgehinschfonden.dk, where you can also see how to book your event at Naturskolen v / Claus Olesen.


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