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Horseback riding ​

As something new at Valdemar Castle you can now enjoy a horseback riding in our forest, Nørreskov. Riding is allowed after 1 January 2016 with valid membership to Nørreskov at Valdemars Slot.​

We offer both day passes and annual membership for all riders who want to ride in Nørreskov. See more about sign up and payment on the page.​

Rules for horseback riding in Nørreskov​

​​Horseback riding is on your own responsibility and must take place in accordance with the Nature Conservation Act. Horseback riding is allowed in the time at. 8 o'clock to 20, but maximum from sunrise to sunset.​

​Horseback riding must only take place on fortified roads. The fortified roads appear in orange of the map below. At visible wheel tracks, rides in the center rebate and not in the wheel tracks. Preferably, there are rides at the crossroads and never in the gallop.

The right to temporarily limit the right to horseback riding in the area is reserved if it is considered necessary for hunting, forestry etc. Like the right to close the forest for riding on the days when other events are held.

NOTE - Between the 15th of May and the 15th of July and the days between 1 October and 31 December, hunting is expected, especially on weekends, why special attention must be paid to the hunter's instructions.

Generally, all riders should pay attention to the rest of the forest in the forest and instructions from Valdemars Castle staff should be complied with.

Violations of rules for riding in the Nørreskoven involve the involvement of riding cards and expulsion.​


​​Year's membership for riding in Nørreskov - Dkk 1,000.00.

Day trip for riding in Nørreskov - Dkk 85,00 - Applies from sunrise to sunset. The daily ticket is paid by mobile pay on telephone 28194219. Receipt is received by our shooting, Preben, who is responsible for the forest and daily operations.

Year's membership can be created and paid by filling out this form. Day passes can also be purchased at the office Monday-Thursday from kl. 9-15.

​We wish you a great ride. Come on finally if you have any questions to us. We can be contacted by phone 62 22 61 06 or by e-mail pernille@valdemarsslot.dk


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