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School classes

Inspirational material for school classes

Shortly we will be in the fall and when there is time for school trips, camps, etc. We have therefore gathered some material that together tells about the options available at Valdemars Castle, so you can see what we can offer when planning excursions.

Valdemars Castle

A visit to the castle is also a visit to the family's splendid home and behind the old thick walls of the large main building, waiting for a host of exciting experiences. ​When you get up the state-of-the-art staircase, you enter another world where the historical atmosphere brings back to ancient times where princes and princesses, barons and baronesses moved around in the impressive surroundings. ​As a contemporary visitor you can freely walk around the beautiful living rooms, halls and conveniences and you are overwhelmed by the hospitable experience that is, not having to move behind barriers. ​As a guest you will experience a home that is still being used for both everyday and celebration. After the trip around the 21 rooms, you fully understand why the family thinks it's not just their home, but a place they like to open up to others.

Treasure hunt

To our young audience we have prepared a treasure hunt with questions that bring the young people around the whole castle.

Guided tour

​We offer guided tours in the castles living rooms, halls and conveniences. Our professional guides shows and tell about the history of Valdemars Castle, about the many paintings and effects of the place - and especially the family who has Valdemars Castle for the 12th generation. Touring can also be done outside of normal opening hours. Touring can be arranged in Danish, Swedish / Norwegian, German and English and it is necessary to pre-order time.

Duration: 1½ hour.


Valdemars Castle at Tåsinge was built in the years 1639-44 by Christian 4. ​The castle was intended for the son Valdemar Christian, but fate would that Valdemar would rather go to war and fall on a battlefield in Poland and therefore never stayed at his castle. ​When Admiral Niels Juel won the famous battle in Køge Bay in 1677, instead of cash, for the ships he had conquered to the king, he got the crowned Valdemars Castle. ​The castle is owned today by Alexander Fleming, who is the direct descendant of the 12th part of the hero Niels Juel ..

Hunting and trophy museum

In the main building's top stew, where the girls' rooms once lay, they now form exposed timber constructions from Christian 4th's background for a very special experience. Børge Hinsch (1915-1995), whose things make up most of the collection at the Hunting and Trophy Museum, had a great interest in nature, culture and great wildlife, and embodied in its 80-year-old objects from virtually all continents. ​In addition to the many amazing animals, it is a very special experience to go around and look at the very different cultural objects that, with the power of imagination, give a small but good picture of the everyday life and life of innumerable strangers. ​Today's technology fortunately gives us the opportunity to still see and hear Børge Hinsch's personal account of many of the tours he has been through throughout life, making the experience around the museum even bigger when you are happy to nod to recognizing the animals mentioned and the many thing.

The nature school

The Børge Hinsch Foundation, which operates the Hunting and Trophy Museum, has employed a nature counselor, which the fund makes available free of charge for groups. The nature school offers a lot of exciting activities, challenges and other initiatives for anyone with an interest in nature and all its diversity. The "basic module" starts with the nature guide showing around the museum. Along the way stories of the game, the hunt and the trophies are told.

After the tour, shooting on virtual shooting range, along with deer guns, skins and pearls, so that each participant can bring a small trophy in memory of the lesson and the day. Duration: 2 hours. Apart from the basic module there are different option modules with a duration of 2-4 hours. Among the many options we can mention, for example:

1. A walk in the forest

The forest is an exciting place with the possibility of lots of experiences and the nature guide tells good stories about the plants and animals of the forest.

2. Track hunting in the forest
The forest is an exciting place with the possibility of lots of experiences and the nature guide tells good stories about the plants and animals of the forest.

3. Food prepared entirely of natural ingredients, roasted over the bonfire

Since the first people come to Denmark, the nature has offered many opportunities to make a nice meal. Together with the nature guide, a tasty meal is cooked on the fire while everyone can enjoy the magic of the fire. 

Contact nature counselor Claus Olesen and get an in-depth talk about the many opportunities that the nature school can offer. Claus Olesen can be contacted by phone 23 95 81 06 or at claus.l.olesen@gmail.com

Questions and reservations

Valdemars Castle, the museums and the guides.
Contact us on phone 62 22 61 06 or at museum@valdemarsslot.dk
The office is usually opened on weekdays from kl. 9.00 - 15.00.

The nature school

Contact nature counselor Claus Olesen on phone 23 95 81 06 or at mail  claus.l.olesen@gmail.com

Brought food

During the opening hours of the museums we can send guests with brought food and picnic curves to tables and benches along the yellow wall at the parking lot towards Troense, to the lawn at the water at Søndre Længe and to the beach. If the horse stable is not rented for various events, we can also refer to this in case of bad weather.

The areas are accessible to all and therefore it is not possible to reserve seats. We recommend bringing carpets so that you can settle in the grass if all seats should be occupied.


Please note that visiting Valdemar's Castle involves many stairs, and therefore can not be recommended to guests with difficulty walking or wheelchair users.


Ticket to self-visit the castle and the hunting and trophy museum

Students up to 10 class. – Dkk. 45,00 per person

Teachers and companions – Dkk. 85,00 per person

In the case of agreements with the nature counselor, school classes can visit the Hunting and Trophy Museum for Dkk 10,00 per person.

Guide fees

A guide fee amounts to DKK 1125,00 per guided tour of max. 50 people at the castle, plus entrance fee per person. Entrance and guide fees are not more expensive on weekends and outside normal opening hours.

Nature counselor

The Børge Hinsch Foundation provides free nature counselor for groups.

Changes in participants

We do not need the exact number of guests before arrival, unless a guide is ordered and the number exceeds 50 people.


Cancellation of guides can be done free of charge until 3 days before the event. In case of cancellation hereafter, then DKK 1125,00 per ordered guide.


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