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​We are pleased to present Denmark's largest miniature golf course. In May 2012, the course has been completely refurbished. All courses have been made with a more hilly and harder course, and with brand new artificial turf.

  • 18 hole course
  • Par 70
  • All holes have natural obstacles
  • The longest lane is 28 meters
  • ​A trip around takes about 1½ hours.

  • The course is classified as a championship course​

Prices 2017


Dkk. 50,00​

Children 4-12 year

Dkk. 35,00​

Season ticket adults

​Dkk. 400,00

Season ticket children 4-12 year​

Dkk. 300,00

Opening hours

Note that one ticket gives access to one round on the track. One round takes approx. 1½ hours. Ticket sales stop 1 hour before closing time. Miniature golf follows the castle opening hours.


It is possible for groups of at least 30 people to play outside normal opening hours.

In case of bad weather, reservations are made for opening hours.

Playing field

  • Swing strokes are not allowed.
  • It is allowed to walk on the courses.
  • The ball must be behind the edge mark (red granite) at the first stroke.
  • Each participant will complete the course before the next participant.
  • ​The ball must lay completely still before the next stroke.

  • ​There must be max. used 8 strokes per course.

  • ​If you did not get the ball in the 8th draw, 2 penalty strokes will be awarded and 10 on the scorecard will be written.

  • ​If the ball is kicked off the course, 1 penalty will be added to the already used number of battles, and the ball will be played again from the start.

  • If the ball is shot in bunker, no penalty is awarded, but the ball must be played from the bunker.
  • ​If the ball has contact with the edge or obstacles, the ball will be moved 1 head out.

Court rules

  • ​Violent or dangerous playing results in immediate expulsion from the court.

  • All traffic on the court is on your own responsibility.
  • ​There is only access to the courts when buying a ticket.

  • ​It is not allowed to bring your own beer or other alcohol on the courts.

For further information

Contakt us by phone at tlf. 62 22 61 06 or via email to museum@valdemarsslot.dk


Valdemars Slot
Slotsalléen 100, Troense
DK-5700 Svendborg

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​Office: Tlf.: 62 22 50 04 - kontor@valdemarsslot.dk

Restaurant/Café: Tlf.: 62 22 50 04

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Opening hours 2019

1st of March - 31st of August, mon-sunday

​10:00 - 17:00