The Manor House


Guests at Valdemars Castle are free to explore its enchanting rooms, halls and chambers. Lose yourself in the friendly atmosphere and unbounded freedom. Upon arrival, guests are given a printed guide of the castle’s history and Niels Juel. After leisurely exploring the 21 rooms, guests will begin to understand why the family feels their home is too good to keep to themselves and have decided to invite the public to share its delights.

Big game hunter Borge Hinsch had a keen interest in nature and culture and amassed a large collection of various trophies and items from all across the globe. This eclectic collection forms the majority on display at the Hunting and Trophy Museum. In addition to the numerous magnificent animals, the collection also encompasses a general collection of fascinating ethnographic items providing the museum with an added dimension of linking the artifacts to the diverse foreign cultures and peoples whom Borge Hinsch has experienced and visited.

Covering more than 8.000 m2 the castle is the largest private home in Denmark.

Time flies when visiting Denmark’s greatest and most comprehensive Manor House Museum. Spend a day or two on the romantic and peaceful island Taasinge south of Funen. Fantastic experiences for the whole family are waiting with three museums.