The Hunting and Trophy Museum



In the main building’s top floor, where the girl rooms once stood, forming the now exposed timber structures from Chr. 4.’s time, gives basis for a very special experience. Børge Hinsch (1915 – 1995), whose hunting trophies and ethnographic accounts for the majority of the collection in the Hunting and Trophy Museum, nurtured a keen interest in nature, culture and big game hunting, and brought home in his 80 year old life the most incredible objects from virtually all continents. Besides the many exciting and beautiful trophies, it is a very special experience to walk around and look at the many different artefacts, that with imagination, gives a small but good picture of countless foreign peoples and everyday life. Today’s technology allows us a great opportunity, on a DVD screen in the exhibit, to see and hear Børge Hinsch personally relate many of the walks through life he has been on. This only makes the experience around the museum even greater, when we can identify with the animals referred to. Børge Hinsch Foundation is approximately 800 m2 large, located in the very impressive attic of the Castle. It is an unparalleled and unique exhibition of hunting trophies and ethnographic items, not seen more beautiful anywhere in Northern Europe. Børge Hinsch was also a founding member of the Nordic Safari Club in 1972, and club members remain actively supports and contributes regularly to maintain and extend the stunning trophy Collection.

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