Practical information


Welcome to Valdemars Castle!

Please note guests are not allowed to take pictures inside the castle.


There are many stairs at the castle, so if you are in a wheelchair, it will not be easy to get around at the castle.

Packed lunch/ picnic

If you wish to eat your packed lunch or a picnic, we refer to the tables and benches at along the yellow wall at the parking space, the lawn by the sea or the beach. In case of bad weather we also refer to the horse stable.

The above-mentioned areas have access for everyone. It is not possible to make a reservation. We recommend that you bring a blanket, in case all the tables and benches are taken.


It is ok to bring your dog as long as you keep it in a leash and make sure to remove possible excrements.

It is not allowed to bring your dog inside the museums, inside Café Æblehaven and in the restaurant.


Smoking policy at Valdemars Castle.

It is not allowed to smoke at the Castle, in the museums, the restaurant or in Café Æblehaven.

It is only allowed to smoke at the outside areas.